Stanford on iTunes U

Apple have recently launched iTunes U in the iTunes store. This allows people to download lectures, language lessons, lab demonstrations, and videos, from some of the best Universities in the US, including Stanford University home of Zimbardo's controversial prison study. As the press release from Apple states iTunes U has been:

"Created in collaboration with colleges and universities, iTunes U makes it easier than ever to extend learning, explore interests, learn about a school.......Content from iTunes can be loaded onto an iPod with just one click and experienced on-the-go, anytime, making learning from a lecture just as simple as enjoying music".

Maybe, maybe not. I'm not so sure that learning from a lecture is ever going to be just as simple as enjoying music but it can be much more interesting than it is at present. iTunes U already has lectures by Zimbardo on Social Psychology and lectures by Sapolsky on Stress. It also has lectures and courses on Architecture, Journalism, Modern Art History, and much more.

The Stanford on iTunes U section describes itself as:

Stanford to Go

In your House

In your Car

In your Pocket

Soon it will be possible to Podcast and Vodcast directly to your mobile phone. That should make for an interesting conversation with some of your teachers in class. In the near future you will be able to download an A level in Psychology directly to your mobile, anywhere, anytime.

The link below will take you to the Stanford to Go site on iTunes U.

Stanford on iTunes U

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