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The following links are really useful for anyone taking the IB Psychology course. They are also useful for students taking the AQA (A) Psychology A level. Be careful though, the IB Psychology course is very different to the AQA Psychology A level.

The really interesting thing about the IB Psychology Blog produced by Peter Anthony to support his IB students learning are the links to
Student Blogs. You will find these listed on the right hand side of the Blog. If nothing else have a look at these.

One IB student, Yuri, states that their motivation for studying Psychology is:

"What makes people attain their behavioral characteristics, and what causes the emotions that we feel? One of the reasons I signed up for IB Psychology is to discover the reasons why people act like they act, and think what they think; I want to find out what determines the identity of a person. I often wonder what it would be like to have the ability to delve in others' minds and see exactly what they think. What accounts for the mental depressions and psychoses that certain people undergo? I believe this question is very intriguing and is a well-known topic that I'd like to know more about".

IB Psychology Blogs

The real purpose of this Blog is to collect and showcase Student Blogs: Blogs on Psychology produced by and for A level students. It would be nice if A level Psychology students could see and learn from each others work, form relationships across colleges, and engage in collaborative research.

John Crane's IB Psychology website is also excellent and well worth checking out. He states: "This site is possible because teachers have been willing to share their resources so that our students can do the best work possible on their examinations". Second that emotion.

IB Psychology at The International School of Prague

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