The body's response to stress: part 2

Watch the video and answer the questions below:

1. What is Andys mouth swab showing?

2. What hormones does the Adrenal gland release?

3. What effects do the hormones identified in Q2 have on Andys body?

4. How did the stress response help Andy?

5. What can chronic stress do?

6. What effects did chronic stress have on Judes health?

The body's response to stress: part 1

Watch the video and answer the questions below:

1. What high is Andy seeking?

2. What can Andy feel an hour before the Bull run?

3. Why do you think Andy feels the way he feels before the Bull run?

4. What does the swab measure?

5. What is in the back of Andy's mind?

Stress: Portrait of a Killer (2008)


What is Psychoanalysis?

A short video on Psychoanalysis produced by the Institute of Psychoanalysis. If you visit their website there are two other short video's on Psychoanalysis: British Psychoanalysis Yesterday and Today and Training to be a Psychoanalyst.

Link to Institute of Psychoanalysis



Sick mob urge teen into 60ft death fall - The Sun

COPS last night slammed a baying mob who urged a suicidal lad to jump 60ft to his death from a multi-storey car park.
Police negotiators had spent three hours trying to talk Shaun Dykes, 17, down from the ledge.

But a crowd gathered opposite and began goading Shaun, who was depressed at a relationship break-up.

Some yelled, "Get on with it" and "How far can you bounce?" before he fell, dying instantly.

Witnesses in Derby said adults were watching with their children.

Cops are investigating and Supt Andy Hough called it a "shocking reflection on society".

Rob Howard, head at Heanor Gate Science College which Shaun attended, said: "I wonder what value some people put on human life."

Shaun's parents, of Kilburn, near Derby, were too upset to comment.

The police stated that the behaviour of the crowd was a reflection of a sick society. How would a social psychologist explain the behaviour of the crowd?

The video below is an ITN news report of the incident.

Suicidal teen urged to jump
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The link below is to a detailed article on deindividuation and has links to a range of research studies on deindividuation:

Article on Deindividuation