MIT: Undergraduate Psychology Lectures

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best Universities in the World. It is pioneering the concept of OpenCourseWare and has made most of it's undergraduate and postgraduate courses available on the internet. This is part of the future of education, including A level education.

The link below will take you to MIT's first year undergraduate psychology course produced by Prof. Jeremy Wolfe. You can download and listen to the lectures as an MP3 or as streaming audio. You can also download the lecture notes as PDF files. Most of these audiolectures are directly relevant to the AS and A2 course. Listening to one of these lectures will be really useful to anyone intending to study Psychology at University. It will give you a real insight into what it is like to go to a lecture at a major University.

MIT Introduction to Psychology

The link below will take you to all of MIT's courses in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Have a look at the menu on the left. You will find most of MIT's courses from Architecture to Women's Studies listed. Why not have a look at a few. You never know they might be useful.

MIT OpenCourseWare: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

At some point I will produce an OpenCourseWare AQA A Level Psychology Course with Audiolectures, Course booklets, Podcasts, and Videos.

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