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Fat Panda Scratches And Eats - Funny bloopers R us

Pandas? What are they for? Pandas are fat, lazy, anti-social, and useless at reproduction. Unlike most bears they are exclusively vegetarian and even worse will only eat the least nutritious part of the bamboo plant. In the 1970's Mao tse-tung gave a male and female panda to America as a gift. This led to a period of Panda diplomacy between the U.S. and China. When I was a kid the papers were full of stories about their troubled relationship. They just couldn't get it together. At one point, Hsing-Hsing the male Panda, tried to mate with the female Pandas ear. Eventually they did get it together and Ling-Ling, the female Panda, gave birth to five cubs. She sat on one of them and killed it. Another one died of a urinary tract infection. The keepers found out that Ling-Ling had been trying to push carrots and bamboo shoots into the cubs urinary tract. How dumb is that?

The successful survival and reproduction of the Panda presents evolutionary biologists with some serious problems. The link below is to a discovery article on Pandas and evolution.

Could Pandas be an Evolutionary Mistake?

Panda Porn?

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