The crunch

According to news reports the credit crunch has led to a rise in women seeking divorce from their high earning male partners. The credit crunch has led to redundancies on Wall Street and in the City. Some women have reacted to this by deciding to 'cash in' and move on.

Have a look at the case studies below from the New York Post. Click on the image to enlarge.

How would an evolutionary psychologist explain the behaviour of the women?

What would an evolutionary psychologist predict men would do during an economic boom? Why?

How could an evolutionary psychologist test their hypotheses about male behaviour during an economic boom?

The link below is to an article on the effect of the credit crunch on divorce rates in America.

Anguish of 'Stock' Splits

One final case study for you to think about:

Cindy and Tom met at college and fell in love. Tom trained to teach and started a successful career as a primary school teacher. Cindy stayed at home to raise their first child. When their first child went to school Cindy decided to get a job. She became a salesperson and was very successful. She began earning a lot of money. Eventually she was promoted to sales director at a major multi-national company.

According to evolutionary explanations of human behaviour what should happen to Cindy and Tom's relationship?

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