Anyone studying relationships will find this lecture by Peter Salovey, professor of psychology and dean of Yale university, useful. In this lecture he outlines Sternbergs definition of love, attraction and the formation of romantic relationships, and describes some interesting studies.

At the beginning of the lecture professor Salovey makes some really useful potential evaluation points of theories and research on this topic: Ethics; Androcentric; heterosexual, and can the findings of these studies be generalised to other types of relationships. He also constantly refers to the time these studies were conducted and how assumptions about male and female romantic behaviour may have changed. So, how about validity over time?

The really big point professor Salovey makes is that the social psychology of love in the past has really been a social psychology of attraction, and heterosexual attraction at that. How does this link to the topic of understudied relationships?

Link to:
lecture 9; Love.

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