The Approaches Question

In Unit 5 the Approaches paper you will be given a short description of human behaviour. The example below is taken from a past exam paper:

A newspaper article claimed that many young people are going to the cinema these days to see horror films. Although the films are not particularly popular in terms of video and DVD rentals, many people are going to see them at cinemas, and there is evidence that the young people frequently go in groups to see the films. The young people say that they enjoy the experience of being shocked and frightened by sequences in the films, and enjoy sharing these moments with their friends.

The behaviour described is different on every exam paper but the questions will always be the same:

(a) Describe how the popularity of horror films might be explained by two different approaches. (6 marks + 6 marks)

(b) Assess one of these explanation of the popularity of horror films in terms of its strengths and limitations. (6 marks)

(c) How might the popularity of horror films be investigated by one of these approaches? 6 marks)

(d) Evaluate the use of this method of investigating the popularity of horror films. (6 marks)

Watch the advert below.

Use the Psychodynamic Approach to explain the baby's behaviour.

Use the Psychodynamic Approach to explain the father's behaviour.

Have a go at trying to explain the behaviour you see using another approach. It is important that you practice applying psychological theories to the human behaviour you observe: in the movies, on TV, in the classroom, all around you. This deepens your understanding of these theories. It also develops your skills of analysis. Some of you will become very sharp thinkers, razor sharp thinkers. This will give you an edge in everything you do. It will also get you a good grade on this paper.

This is what psychology is really about.

The link below will take you to the fighting baby video game. Play it.

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