Stress: On Line Films

An image of an artificial heart valve and pacemaker.

The first link is to a website that provides a good overview of the biological approach. This is sometimes called Physiological Psychology. The stress unit focuses on this approach to investigating and explaining human behaviour.

Link to Discovering Psychology: Biological and Psychological approaches

Image of a narrowed artery: atherosclerosis

The second link is to the discovering psychology website. This has loads of free on-line videos on all aspects of psychology. This video investigates the relationship between the mind and the body.

Scroll down the screen and find video 23

Health, Mind, and Behavior

This program presents a rethinking of the relationship between mind and body. A new bio-psychosocial model is replacing the traditional biomedical model. With Dr. Judith Rodin of the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Neal Miller of Yale University. Updated.

Link to Video 23: Health, Mind, and Behaviour

Image of the heart and its blood vessels

The third link is to a video that investigates the relationship between psychological factors and physical illness.

Scroll down the screen and find video 4.

Psychological Factors and Physical Illness

This program examines the relationship between emotions and health to explore how psychological treatment can improve well-being. It focuses on a teenager with migraine headaches, a dentist trying to decrease his risk for developing heart disease, and a woman with breast cancer, along with those who are treating them".

Link to Video 4: Psychological Factors and Physical Illness

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