Extreme Zone

A French TV show has adapted Milgram's obedience to authority experiment to demonstrate the influence of TV on peoples behaviour. The producers set up a fake TV contest called Extreme Zone and recruited 69 people to take part. The participants believed that it was a pilot for a new game show and were ordered by the game show host to give electric shocks to innocent people.

"The documentary - due to be broadcast in France on Wednesday - used the ruse of a TV show to explore how even a game show host had the authority to persuade participants to inflict horrendous pain on other people".

How many of the 69 participants delivered the maximum electric shock? More or less than Milgram's original obedience to authority experiment?

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Answer the following question:

Question 1:

(a) How would a social psychologist explain the behaviour of the game show participants? (6)

(b) Identify two ethical issues raised by the Extreme Zone game show. (1 + 1)

(c) Explain how a social psychologist would deal with the two ethical issues identified in (b) (2 + 2)

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