"I Learnt it by Watching You"

If you study the aggression topic you have to use social learning theory to explain how people, especially children, learn to be aggressive to deal with problems and achieve their objectives.

Watch this ad:

Social Learning Theory and aggression

But, you can also use it to explain how other behaviour, like addictive behaviour, can also be learnt. This can be through direct observation of role models in the social environment or indirect observation. The video clip is an old ad that suggests smoking cannabis can be learnt through direct observation of role models.

Smoking, drinking and drug use can also be learnt through vicarious observation: role models in the media may influence peoples behaviour. Recent research has found that drinking in films may cause people to drink more.

You can always use one theory or explanation to evaluate another theory or explanation. Social learning theory is useful for this, so learn it well and practice using it to explain a variety of behaviour.

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