Classification and diagnosis

Wired Magazine has a short article on the rehab centre of the future. In 2019 people may be treated for gadget addiction and internet addiction. DSM V is being produced right now but there have been big rows about what should be included as a mental disorder. There is a serious point about the classification and diagnosis of mental disorders in all this. The number of mental disorders has increased steadily during the publication history of DSM. Some psychiatrists and psychologists have argued that this represents the pathologizing of ordinary human mental states, emotions, and behaviour. DSM IV includes conduct disorders as a sub category of behavioural and emotional disorders beginning in childhood and adolescence. So maybe all teenagers should be diagnosed as having a mental disorder and treated with drugs for being young. ADHD for example?

Thomas Szasz argues that the medical approach turns the ordinary problems of living into illnesses requiring treatment.

(What about this lot then?)

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