Abnormally thin...?

Have a look at the picture above. Do you think she is abnormally thin? If so, does she have a mental illness or a mental disorder?

According to newspaper reports:

A girl who is battling
anorexia is to compete on TV show Britain's Next Top Model....you can read more here....

Have a go at the following:

One of the journalists argues that the modeling world can have a toxic effect on vulnerable young people. A modeling agency has decided to take the newspaper to court to back up it's claim that modeling can cause anorexia. You are a psychologist employed by the newspaper to give expert testimony in defence of the newspaper.

Use the behavioural/social learning approach to explain why jade has been diagnosed with anorexia and why the newspaper is right: modeling does have a toxic effect on young people and can cause anorexia.

(if your interested, have a look at this.....)

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