Would you.....

......give an electric shock to a rat if a psychologist ordered you to. How about cutting it's head off? 

In 1924 Carney Landis, a psychologist investigating the relationship between emotions and facial expressions, did just that. In this experiment he made participants feel fear by blindly putting their hand in a bucket of water which contained three frogs. When they became aware of the frogs he gave them an electric shock. He also put fireworks under their chair and set them off unexpectedly to startle them. Landis took photographs of the participants faces to record their emotional expressions. In order to make these expressions clearer he painted lines on their faces. Have a look at the photo below to get an idea of what he was doing.

finally, he brought in a live rat on a tray and gave the participants a blunt knife. He ordered the participants to cut the rat's head off. (maybe he said things like....please continue.....the experiment requires you continue.....it is absolutely essential you continue....maybe not) Two-thirds of the participants obeyed. They cut the rat's head off.

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