Today's Neuoroscience, Tomorrow's History: UCL

University College London is the first U.K. University to follow Yale, Stanford, and MIT, in putting some of their lectures on-line. They have chosen iTunes as the way to do this.

Link to Guardian article on UCL on iTunes.

There is a video lecture on 'face blindness' as well as lectures by Michael Rutter the child psychiatrist. Rutter has written a lot of books and as  the introduction to the lectures states:

"One of the most influential was Maternal Deprivation Reassessed (1972) in which he argued (against John Bowlby) that it was the norm for children to form multiple attachments rather than a selective attachment with just one person."

There are also lectures by Uta Frith on Dyslexia, Richard gregory on behaviourism, illusions, and perception, and Elizabeth Warrington on memory.

UCL on iTunes

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