The Misbehaviour of Organisms

This one has been floating around for a while:

So has this one:

Here B. F. Skinner discusses operant conditioning, how reinforcement can explain human behaviour like gambling, and why free will is rubbish.

What I was really looking for was a short video of a crab, in a bucket, pressing a lever, and getting some fish pate. But I can't find it anymore.

Still I found this one, how about Penguins?

Operant Conditioning of African Penguin (with Vid)

Behaviourism. Good for Dogs, Raccoons, and dancing Chickens


Breland and Breland (1961) described how they used conditioning to train pigs to deposit coins in a piggy bank for an advert: at first the pigs were easy to condition through positive reinforecement, but then things started going wrong.

The pigs stopped dropping the coins in the piggy bank and instead began to drop the coins on the ground,throw the coins up in the air, and then root the coins about using their snouts. They had spontaneously returned to food getting behaviour which is typical of their species.

What kinds of complex behaviour might be typical of the human species and can a simple model of learning which ignores thoughts and feelings explain this complex behaviour?

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