Freud at the Cat and Dog Publishing Company Inc

The Cat and Dog people have now set up a Blog. They have a post that links to a site where you can arm wrestle Freud. There is an interesting discussion of the concept of catharsis and social psychological approaches to explaining aggression. Adrian Frost suggests that there is a way of testing the validity of these two ways of thinking about aggression: arm wrestle the great man himself and see how you feel. He adds the disclaimer: "we here at the Cat & Dog Book Publishing Company Inc. can accept absolutely no responsibility for damaged computer equipment and patrons take on the mighty Sigmund entirely at their own risk".

Why take out your frustrated rage on your computer? Why not head over to Whack-A-Freud instead?


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Robert Kodama said...

I'm on it! How's Richmond? Whack-a-Freud is a hard game to play...