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Have a look at the following websites. They should give you enough background information for the introduction to the coursework project. In the introduction you need to move from a general overview of evolutionary theory to specific research on sexual selection and mate choice.

The first link is to an interactive documentary which reviews four million years of human evolution.

Becoming Human

The second link is to a four part radio broadcast on evolutionary psychology. It includes an interview with David Buss.

The Descent of Man

The third link is to an online documentary on evolution. This website has loads of resources on evolution. To access them click on the Evolution Library button. Try the activity 'Is Love in Our DNA?'


The link below is to a really good introduction to Waynforth and Dunbar's research into sexual selection and human mate choice. It outlines the background theory and the research they conducted using personal ads. This is an important article for your coursework project.

Mating rituals may be written in our genes, but they're published in magazines

"This article provides a review of evolutionary theory and empirical research on mate choices in non-human species and
used as a frame for understanding the how and why of human mate choices. The basic principle is that the preferred mate
choices and attendant social cognitions and behaviors of both women and men, and those of other species, have evolved to
focus on and exploit the reproductive potential and reproductive investment of members of the opposite sex".

Evolution of Human Mate Choice

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