Conformity to majority social influence

A short video of the type of lab experiment conducted by Asch on conformity to majority influence, compliance, and normative social influence.

The link below will take you to a short radio 4 series called Mind Changers. There is a short radio documentary on Solomon Asch and his research on conformity. As the introduction points out:

"Asch believed people wouldn't go along with the crowd; he set up his experiment to prove that people would stand up against group pressure".


"Contrary to his expectations, Asch discovered that a third of people went along with the group, even when it contradicted the evidence of their own eyes".

Link to Radio 4 documentary on Solomon Asch and his study of conformity (1951)

The third programme is about Frederic Bartlett and the War of the Ghosts experiment.

Try a simple version of the experiment

This link will take you to a more detailed version of the Asch experiment

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